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Crypto Launch Bootcamp

Crypto Launch Bootcamp

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The Crypto Launch Bootcamp is a 5 week training program that guides you by the hand to invest in crypto & NFT's in a safe and easy way. Get exclusive access to our complete library of screen-sharing video trainings + lifetime access to all future updates.

The Crypto Launch Bootcamp is for you if you're looking to learn about crypto & NFT's from scratch and you want to make sure you do it in a safe and easy way. From the basics to the more advanced.

This is for you if you if you want to start investing in this industry with a long-term mindset and passive approach, meaning that you don't have to be actively buying and selling to get results.

You're looking to learn more about how to get a return on your investment by leveraging some of the top cryptos such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana and others. This is also for you if you want to learn how NFT's work, and also understand how to determine if an NFT will gain value over time.

This is NOT a program to learn short-term day trading. The Bootcamp is principal based, and also shows many examples with screen-sharing. We teach you HOW to fish.

Here's some of the topics we cover:

  • The fundamentals of Crypto and the Blockchain
  • Crypto wallets, exchanges and making transactions
  • What to look out for when investing in crypto projects
  • Safety practices that could save you thousands
  • Proven time-tested investing practices
  • What are NFT's and why they matter
  • The different types of NFT's and their utilities
  • What to look out for where investing in NFT projects
  • Identifying NFT's with long-term potential
  • Historical NFT investing guide
  • And a lot more...
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Mastermind for?

The Crypto Launch Mastermind is for entrepreneurs and business owners that want to increase their income and invest in the crypto & NFT industries for the long-term. People that business/income stream going on, but at the same time want to invest in this industry strategically, safely all while maximizing upside. This is for people that are passionate about crypto, and that understand the true power of networking. The Crypto Launch Mastermind is for people that want to be part of a closed, private and small community of like-minded individuals that share similar values and a similar mindset. If you're ready to raise your standards and take your business and investments to the next level then this is the place to be at.

Who this is not for

This is not for you if you have a get rich quick mindset and are looking to make a ton of money fast without putting in some work. You're looking for income guarantees. You're looking to do day trading. You’re going to point fingers and not take responsibility for your own actions. You're going to be only a spectator and you're not willing to add value to the group when possible. You're not passionate about the crypto industry.

What are the requirements to be accepted?

The first requirement is that we actually need to feel you're a good fit for the group. We will discuss via Whatsapp with you to discuss your situation, what you're looking for and see if the Mastermind is aligned with that. So the first requirement is that we actually decide if you're a good fit for the group or not. The second requirement is to pay the fee to join the group. This is not a free group and it requires an investment to be part of it. Crypto Launch is a for profit business, and this allows us to always focus on improving the experience for our customers. Also, the investment allows us to have only serious people join the group. If you can't understand why an investment is required, then this is definitely NOT a good fit for you.

Which type of business do we focus on?

Each member of the Mastermind has their own business/income stream going. Not every member is focused on the same business. Nonetheless, for new members that join the group and are looking for help to scale their income, we suggest they focus on building a high ticket digital product online business. In our opinion that is the fastest and most practical way to scale your income.  We help members create their own digital product, where they can charge at least $500. We help them sell this product via their own brand. The goal is to eventually add so much value to the digital product that you can charge $2,000-$3,000 and focus on getting 10-20 sales per month. With a high ticket offer you attract higher quality customers, make more profit per sale, have huge profit margins, and you're highly incentivized to continue adding value to the same digital product. In summary, we will help you start or scale your high ticket online business/offer..