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Crypto Launch Mastermind

Crypto Launch Mastermind

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The Crypto Launch Mastermind is a high level networking Mastermind group and training program for entrepreneurs & business owners that want to scale their income, and invest in the crypto & NFT industry safely and strategically for the long-term.


The Goals

  1. Start or scale your digital product/service online business to $10k-$100k/month
  2. Get your crypto & NFT portfolio to $100k+


The Outcomes

→ Time, location and financial freedom within the next 1-2 years

→ Access to a network of like-minded high quality entrepreneurs and investors

→ Experiences of a lifetime in exotic locations like Costa Rica, Ibiza and other countries.


The Structure

→ Watch the step-by-step Business & Crypto transformation trainings

→ Work 1-1 with your personal coach to make sure you get results faster and are on track to your income/investment goals

→ Attend the weekly live group coaching call for support, feedback and classes from Sebastian

→ Network with like-minded people in the Discord community

→ Attend out live events to shake hands, meet people and have epic experiences




→ 24/7 Access to Sebastian & his team

You will be able to get direct feedback, support and ideas from Sebastian via Discord. Both for your business and investments. This is the only program where you can directly connect with him via calls/chat/in-person. You will also have access to his team members anytime.


Step-By-Step $10k-$100k/Month Transformation Program:

This step-by-step transformation program for members is backed up by a decade of marketing, sales and business experience and it will help you take your business to $10k-$100k/month this year. This will be your guide as you go through the program.


Weekly LIVE Zoom Meeting With The Team

Be part of a weekly meetup call with all Mastermind members to network, brainstorm and share ideas. Make lifelong friendships, business relationships and connect with high level individuals. Learn directly from 6 and 7 figure earners. 

Access Our Private Discord Community For Members

Network with the other Mastermind members on a daily basis. Get insights on business, marketing, undervalued crypto projects, portfolio allocation, and investing opportunities. Learn what is working now and where the market is going. Access all our resources.


Private Live Retreats Worldwide

Join us in our luxury live retreats and boat parties in Costa Rica and worldwide exclusively for Mastermind members. Enjoy networking, ATV riding, jet skies, a boat trip, fitness workouts, or just chilling in the villa learning from the other members. This is the experience of a lifetime.


Access To The Crypto Launch Mastermind Members Area

All our calls and meetings are recorded and uploaded to our private members area for members. Can't make it to a live call? Don't worry, everything is recorded. We currently have 100+ hours of call replay content.


Access The Crypto Launch Investment Group

As a member of the Mastermind you will have the opportunity to join our private investment group. Inside the group we build economic value as a community by pooling together ETH and purchasing blue chip NFT's for the long-term.


Access To The Crypto Launch Written Game-Plan

You will get access to our step-by-step written game-plan that will guide you through the process a building your high ticket business to at least $10,000/month. This is the exact process I used to scale from scratch. This goes hand-by-hand with the step-by-step video transformation program.


Work With Your 1-1 Mastermind Success Coach

As a new member of the Mastermind you will be assigned your own 1-1 Mastermind Success Coach. Felipe will be in contact every day or every week (however you prefer) to make sure you're on track and following the program. He will also be there in case you need to get questions answered 1-1.


Access Our Private Sessions With Mastermind Guests And Speakers

As a member of the Mastermind you will be able to attend our private sessions with guests and speakers. We've had amazing guests like 7 figure NFT collectors, 7 figure online business owners, and OG crypto investors.


ZERO Risk on your part - LIFETIME Guarantee

We will continue to work with you 1-1 UNTIL you get results

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Mastermind for?

The Crypto Launch Mastermind is for entrepreneurs and business owners that want to increase their income and invest in the crypto & NFT industries for the long-term. People that business/income stream going on, but at the same time want to invest in this industry strategically, safely all while maximizing upside. This is for people that are passionate about crypto, and that understand the true power of networking. The Crypto Launch Mastermind is for people that want to be part of a closed, private and small community of like-minded individuals that share similar values and a similar mindset. If you're ready to raise your standards and take your business and investments to the next level then this is the place to be at.

Who this is not for

This is not for you if you have a get rich quick mindset and are looking to make a ton of money fast without putting in some work. You're looking for income guarantees. You're looking to do day trading. You’re going to point fingers and not take responsibility for your own actions. You're going to be only a spectator and you're not willing to add value to the group when possible. You're not passionate about the crypto industry.

What are the requirements to be accepted?

The first requirement is that we actually need to feel you're a good fit for the group. We will discuss via Whatsapp with you to discuss your situation, what you're looking for and see if the Mastermind is aligned with that. So the first requirement is that we actually decide if you're a good fit for the group or not. The second requirement is to pay the fee to join the group. This is not a free group and it requires an investment to be part of it. Crypto Launch is a for profit business, and this allows us to always focus on improving the experience for our customers. Also, the investment allows us to have only serious people join the group. If you can't understand why an investment is required, then this is definitely NOT a good fit for you.

Which type of business do we focus on?

Each member of the Mastermind has their own business/income stream going. Not every member is focused on the same business. Nonetheless, for new members that join the group and are looking for help to scale their income, we suggest they focus on building a high ticket digital product online business. In our opinion that is the fastest and most practical way to scale your income.  We help members create their own digital product, where they can charge at least $500. We help them sell this product via their own brand. The goal is to eventually add so much value to the digital product that you can charge $2,000-$3,000 and focus on getting 10-20 sales per month. With a high ticket offer you attract higher quality customers, make more profit per sale, have huge profit margins, and you're highly incentivized to continue adding value to the same digital product. In summary, we will help you start or scale your high ticket online business/offer..